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Dott. Guglielmo Gianni Lione

  • Phd: 28th cycle
  • Matriculation number: 332843


Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Phd thesis

Ecology, infection biology and epidemiology

of a new fungal pathogen of chestnut trees

Sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa Miller) is a widespread broadleaf species in southern and western Europe, in Maghreb, Turkey and Caucasus as well as Australia and New Zealand. This species has been spread and cultivated for thousands of years both for wood and fruit production. Nowadays sweet chestnut nuts still play an important economic role for many countries, being a source of food highly appreciated for both fresh consumption and processing. Actually a new emerging nut rot is severely threatening the sweet chestnut. The causal agent of this disease was identified as Gnomoniopsis castanea sp. nov., an ascomycete belonging to the family of Gnomoniaceae. To date not much knowledge is available on G. castanea ecology, epidemiology and infection biology. Thus the main aim of this Ph.D. thesis is elucidating some of the reasons determining G. castanea spread and incidence in chestnut orchards.

Research activities

-Aetiology and epidemiology of forest diseases;

-Morphological and molecular diagnosis of fungal plant pathogens;

-Forest decline;

-Interactions between plants, pathogens and environment;

-Biological invasions;

-Statistical and geostatistical data analysis and modelling.


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