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PhD’s Quality Assurance


PDCA.JPGThe Quality Assurance (QA) framework for academic training is based on the national guidelines for Self-Evaluation, Periodic evaluation and Accreditation (AVA) issued by ANVUR. The QA System is structured in four consecutive phases linked by the “Plan - Do - Check – Act cycle”, which guarantees the critical review of the system.


To comply with the AVA 3 guidelines, which include the PhD as the third level of academic training, the PhD Programme in Biological Sciences and Applied Biotechnology has recently defined, as an actor involved in the QA system, a Monitoring and Self-Evaluation Committee.

Main functions of the Committee are:

  • To check that information on the PhD website is updated
  • To monitor the research and teaching processes
  • To collect and analyse the results of the student surveys

Current members of the Monitoring and Self-Evaluation Committee:

Silvia Perotto (Coordinator)
Daniel Edward Chamberlain (Scientific Board member)
Luisa Lanfranco (Scientific Board member)
Marco Gamba (Scientific Board member)
Marco Isaia (Scientific Board member)

Awaiting PhD students’ representatives

Last update: 10/05/2023 16:19
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